unhappy couple having conflict in bed at home

I want to seek your advice on how to deal with a big desire difference between me and my partner. My preferred frequency is around 4 times a month, while he wants to do it every day. A huge gap. But what makes it more difficult is that when I do it just because he wants to, it creates a mental barrier in my head. In my previous relationship, my partner treated me like an object to fulfill his sexual desires without any emotional connection and that has left baggage, which affects my current relationship. I’m just not into doing it when I’m not in the mood. Also, the fact that he wants it more aggressive with little foreplay makes me feel all the more resistant towards it. At the same time, my partner is finding it difficult to cope with his frustration of not being able to make out. He told me that guys imagine real women to masturbate and that includes my close friends as well. But he feels guilty imagining other girls and feels like he is cheating on me in a way. But he doesn’t know how to overcome his problem and frustration associated. Please help.


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