Is there any chance that silicone lube left in my anus/rectum for a few days might make me sick? I’m a lesbian who likes every experience a little rougher than the last. I’m fantasizing about fasting a few days and then taking laxatives to prepare for an enema (4 liters or however much I can handle) followed by silicone lube, and then by inserting a plug—and let the fun stuff begin. So is it safe to leave silicone lube inside me?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I’m not sure. Silicone lube is generally regarded as safe for external use on the vulva, and on sex toys that get inserted vaginally or anally. But you’re fantasizing about doing quite a bit more than simply using silicone anally. You’re fasting, and then taking laxatives and enemas, too. Brief fasts of a day or so don’t hurt otherwise healthy individuals. Ditto for occasional use of laxatives and enemas. But I wonder about your fantasy. I can’t say it’s hazardous, but I can’t it’s safe either. Here’s some information on silicone from Lubezilla. You might also consider discussing your fantasy with your doctor, or a gastroenterologist, or people who administer colonic irrigation. Beyond that, I just don’t know.

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