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Would you please tell me: Is it true that the older men get the more sexual they become? If it is, would you please explain why?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    It depends. Some do, others don’t. Usually, as men (and women) age, they feel less sexual desire and less urgency to get it on than they did when younger. But there are many exceptions.

    Probably the biggest involves later life divorce or widowhood with the people who lose partners getting involved in new relationships. New love almost always means an upward spike in desire and lovemaking, the hot-and-heavy period. At least for a while, usually several months to a year or so. In addition, if people felt sexually stuck or unsatisfied in their previous relationships, not all but many make of point of asserting their real sexual needs, desires, and proclivities with their new partners. This often leads to late-life sexual awakenings with people saying: After all my years of sexual disappointment/misery, I’m finally enjoying sex—and want to do it often.

    Even in ongoing relationships that have lasted decades, sometimes, for any number of reasons, one or both spouses decide they’d like to make adjustments that produce better sex. This often happens when men develop erection problems (erectile dysfunction), which around 90% of men do after 50. Many freak: I can’t do it anymore! Some of their partners reply: Well, actually, there’s a lot more to sex than just intercourse….. Many men who never gave this much thought start to explore the many ways to make love that don’t involve intercourse: kissing, hugging, cuddling, oral sex, toys, and maybe some anal and kinky play. Some like it and as they incorporate new moves into old relationships, the sex improves, and they want more of it.

    So older men CAN feel more sexual and make love more often and more exuberantly than they used to. But it all depends on the individual man and his relationship situation. If you’re interested in exploring hot sex in later adulthood, I suggest you read my recent book, Sizzling Sex for Life.

    I wish you sizzling sex for life.

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