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Does a circumcised penis reduces pleasure for women? I have heard that an intact penis foreskin can give women extra pleasure in penetrative intercourse. Is that true?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    No, circumcision has no impact on women’s sexual pleasure in general or in particular their pleasure during intercourse.

    Women (and men) derive a great deal of pleasure from gentle, leisurely, playful, mutual whole-body massage—lovers touching each other all over. Circumcision clearly has no impact on that.

    In addition, women’s main orgasm trigger is not the vagina, but rather the clitoris, which sits outside the vagina an inch or two above it beneath the top junction of the vaginal lips. Most women enjoy vaginal intercourse for its special closeness and the feeling of holding a man inside them. But the vagina doesn’t have many erotic nerve endings. Only a small fraction of women can work up to orgasms from intercourse alone—whether or not the man is circumcised. If you want to provide erotic pleasure to women and help them to orgasm, massage them all over for at least 20 minutes before you reach between their legs. Then, sure, have all the intercourse you and they want, but to bring women to orgasm, focus on the clitoris, especially by providing oral sex.

    I’m sure you’re aware that circumcision is controversial. Anti-circumcision activists make all sorts of claims—like the one you raised—that seem possible at first glance, but totally fall apart upon real examination. If you’re interested in the controversy over circumcision, there’s a chapter on it in my book Sizzling Sex for Life.

    I wish you sizzling sex for life.

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