I am 23. I was circumcised at 21, because my foreskin was too tight and it did not slide down enough. I recently had sex for the first time. I did not use a condom or any kind of lubrication. When I tried to put my penis inside her, it kept slipping down. I could put my penis head inside her but when I tried my stroking, it slipped down and I kept losing the hold so could not really continue the intercourse. I kept trying this and because it just could not hold the firm position, I kept losing my erection. Is it because my head was too dry? also my erection was not hardest of all. I kept the erection but it was not as hard as I get it when I masturbate. Maybe because I did not develop any kind of friction. I am confused. Is something wrong with my erection? Or was  my penis too dry and I should have used some kind of lube? I would appreciate you response. Thank you so much.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    If you slip out during intercourse, try the following:
    • Don’t pump so hard. In porn, intercourse is a frenzy of pumping. Don’t imitate porn. When you insert, do it slowly, then press all the way in and hold it there, rocking and dancing together but without a great deal of in-out pumping.
    • Try the woman-on-top position. You’re less likely to slip out doing it that way.

    You say that slipping out has also Interfered with your erections. I’m not surprised. Slipping out caused you anxiety, and anxiety is an erection killer. Anxiety constricts the arteries, including those that carry blood into the penis. When you’re worried, especially about sex in the middle of having it, that stress can impair your erection. The key to comfortable sexual functioning is for both lovers to relax deeply before and during sex. To do this:
    • Take a hot bath or shower before sex. Very relaxing.
    • Extend your foreplay before intercourse. Hug, kiss, cuddle, and massage each other for at least 30 minutes before you attempt insertion—if you listen to music while having sex, 30 minutes is 5 to 8 songs.
    • Don’t drink alcohol within a few hours of sex. Alcohol is a huge erection killer.
    • And try to stop worrying about your erections. Worrying reduces blood flow into the penis and hurts erection.

    You ask if you might do better using lube. Probably. Use lube.

    You might also benefit from my low-cost e-book, The Best Sex of Your Life. It contains more than 130 articles on all aspects of sex, including: lubricants, the fine points of intercourse, and several articles on erection issues. I offer a money-back guarantee, so no risk to you. Good luck!

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