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1. Is it true that circumcision in grown men leaves the penis the less sensitive?

2. Is it true that a man who has undergone circumcision may have difficulty
reaching orgasm age because of numbness caused by circumcision?

3. Is it possible to masturbate after circumcision? And if so, it is
necessary to use some special lubricating gels or to masturbate, so-called
“dry” ?

4. Does a man who has undergone circumcision have to use a lubricating gel
during sex or can he have sex without a lubricating gel?

5. Is it true that a circumcised man experiences less sexual pleasure and
pleasure during sex than an uncircumcised man?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    The sexual effects of circumcision—no matter when infants, boys, or men have it—is controversial. The Internet is full of pages that rail against circumcision for allegedly reducing men’s pleasure and causing sex problems. However, the best research shows that circumcision does not reduce pleasure or cause sex problems.

    To answer your questions:
    1. No, the best studies show that circumcision does not measurably reduce penis sensitivity.
    2. No, circumcision has no measurable impact on men’s ability to reach orgasm. Tens of millions of men around the world are circumcised and have orgasms just fine.
    3. Men have no trouble masturbating after circumcision. Few need any extra lubricant, though many men, intact or circumsized, use lubricant to enhance pleasure.
    4. I recommend lubricant for all partner sex whether men are circumcized or not. It enhances pleasure, especially for women.
    5. The best studies show that circumcized men enjoy just as much sexual pleasure as men who remain intact.

    I hope this helps.

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