We just discovered my wife’s G-spot. She loves it when I rub and press it with a finger or two. She especially loves it when I lick her clit while doing her G-spot. I have no problem with this. I enjoy it. She has incredible orgasms that way. The problem is she’s so into her G-spot that she no longer likes to have intercourse. I like slipping my cock inside her, and keeping it there a nice long while. Now we’re doing that a lot less. I’ve told her I need more intercourse, but she’s not hearing me. Is she a G-spot addict?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    No more than you’re an intercourse addict. She’s just discovered her G-spot and the joy it can bring her. I’m not surprised that she wants lots of G-spot stimulation. That’s normal. When something feels good, you want more of it. This doesn’t make her an addict or strange in any way. I’m happy for her, and happy that you enjoy providing her with the type of sexual stimulation that deeply turns her on.

    But I feel for you, too. Your wife’s new sexual discovery has pushed what you enjoy to the sexual back burner, or maybe even off the erotic stove. I suggest that you become more assertive. Tell her you really want regular intercourse, that you need it. She may be so taken with her G-spot that she’s unaware that you feel sexually slighted.

    This isn’t an either-or situation. There’s plenty of time for both of you to enjoy what you like. I suggest you take turns providing what the other wants. New pleasures don’t trump old ones. They join them. I’m confident the two of you can work this out and both get what you want.

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