Woman orgasms

Why is my G-spot so sensitive? I want sex all the time and there’s no way to satisfy me. Is there something wrong with me? Never felt this way before. 45-yr-old female


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You didn’t supply much information beyond the fact that this is something new for you and that you’re 45.

    You could consult your primary care doctor and/or gynecologist to see if there’s anything amiss. But you didn’t mention any health problems, just uncontrollable desire.

    Assuming all’s well physically, my best guess is that at 45, you’re peri-menopausal, meaning that your menopausal changes are beginning to pick up momentum. These changes involve a drop in estrogen, but may also involve upward spiking of women’s androgens, the female version of the male sex hormone testosterone. Androgens are responsible for libido, so any upward spike would mean more desire. This phenomenon is not well researched, but a few years ago, an interesting study appeared. It might provide some insights:

    If your situation is hormonal, then over the next several years, as you journey deeper into menopause and your androgens stop spiking, your hyper-libido should calm down.

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