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Hi, I’m from India. My age is 18 years and my mom is 40. I want to fuck her. She is super hot. She is a housewife. Me and my mom are alone at noon, so please give me tips to convince her to do sex with me. We have slept in the same bed many times. I have pressed her boobs, but didn’t do sex as she was sleeping at the time. Please give some tips as soon as possible!


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I have no idea how to seduce your mother. What makes you think she’s open to sex with you? Incest is a common fantasy, but few sons act on it. Are you just daydreaming? Or do you think she’d really have sex with you? If she has given you clear signals that she’s open to the idea, you know your mother better than I do, so I suggest you use your knowledge to pursue your goal.

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