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As a writer of fiction, I am working on a story that draws from my sexual experiences as a teen during the 1960s. My girlfriend of three years and I refrained from sexual intercourse or any hand stimulation of each other, and remained fully clothed during lovemaking that led to orgasms in my BVDs. The street description of what we practiced was laughingly called “dry humping.” Perhaps you can understand why she and I, and my male friends, never admitted to what did for relief of sexual tension. Question: Was our practice unusual in terms of adolescent sexual development? And how does it differ in from the term “intercrural sex”? Are the terms interchangeable? Are either in prevalent practice today? My gratitude for your attention—and for not smirking.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Intercrural sex refers to refraining from vaginal insertion and instead rubbing the erection between the woman’s thighs. Dry humping usually refers to rubbing the genitals through clothing. Both are contraceptive. Women can’t get pregnant. But dry humping happens clothed, intercrural sex, naked.

    Is it unusual? I know of no research on this. But I bet it’s far from rare. Genital play without vaginal insertion is a creative, totally rational way for teens—or anyone—to enjoy partner sex with no risk of pregnancy. Far from smirking, I admire your creativity.

    Best of luck with your writing.

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