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I’m a 53 year old male, married 22 years. I’m into nudism at home alone or with my wife. I just feel more comfortable nude. She is the opposite. She often hides herself when dressing, and doesn’t want me to be nude unless I’m changing clothes, showering or when we’re being intimate. Here’s the question: Am I weird? Is she weird? How can we find a happy medium?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re not weird and neither is your wife. You just have a disagreement about nudism.

    Nudists are a minority among Americans, but plenty of folks are nudists. There are lots of nudist camps and resorts from coast to coast. Like you, many people enjoy living in the nude in places where it’s safe and acceptable.

    The issue is not weirdness. It’s the difference of opinion you and your wife have about nudism at home. You didn’t mention how strongly each of you feels about this. Or if the issue has triggered nasty fights. If you both still have a sense of humor about the issue, you can probably work out a compromise, for example, you’re free to be nude when home alone and during X number of days a week or month when your wife is home with you, but you agree to stay dressed the other days. However, if either of you has become intransigent—I MUST be nude at home all the time/You CAN’T be nude at home any time—then I’d suggest couple counseling so your negotiations can be refereed by a disinterested observer trained in couple dynamics.

    Good luck.

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