My girlfriend is a virgin. We got drunk one day and I poked her hard with my penis. I didn’t go all the way in. She felt pain and went to the bathroom. She peed and found blood mixed with the pee. Does this mean she is not a virgin anymore? Is she still going to bleed if I decide to go inside her next time?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Most people say that a virgin is a person who has never had vaginal intercourse. You inserted your erection, which means that you had vaginal intercourse, so in my book, she’s no longer a virgin.

    About that blood: When girls are born, tissue called the hymen covers some of the vagina. The myth is that the hymen remains intact until first intercourse, when it’s torn, causing pain and bleeding, Actually, in most girls, daily activities wear away hymen tissue except, perhaps, for little vestiges (hymenal tags). The result is that for most women, if the man knows what he’s doing, if he waits to insert until she’s fully aroused and naturally lubricated, and if the couple uses a commercial lubricant supplementally, then first intercourse is not painful for the woman and there’s no bleeding.

    So why did she bleed? Two possibilities. First, she may have an “imperforate hymen,” an unusually thick hymen that hasn’t worn away. Two things suggest that this is the case: (1) You couldn’t slide all the way in. That suggests an obstruction, residual hymen tissue. (2) She experienced pain and bleeding. This suggests that your “poking” tore some of her remaining hymen.

    My suggestions:
    • Urge her to see a gynecologist. If she has an imperforate hymen, the tissue can be removed with minor surgery. That should end her bleeding and reduce her pain.
    • Stop making love drunk. One or two drinks is fine, but any more and risk of sex problems increases. Alcohol is a strong central nervous system depressant. It weakens erections, reduces erotic pleasure, reduces likelihood of orgasm, and reduces sexual communication so it’s harder for lovers, usually women, to coach men on how to proceed comfortably.
    • You say you “poked her hard.” This suggests that you may not fully understand the fine points of lovemaking. I urge you to peruse the low-cost articles in the Info Library, especially the sections “About Women” and “Advanced Sexual Techniques.” If the two of you read that material, I bet you’ll both enjoy sex more, and that she’ll rate you a good lover. The 40 articles in those two sections cost a total of $40. But, if you buy my low-cost e-book, you get those 40 articles plus 75 more, including The Cure for Premature Ejaculation, for the bargain price of just $29.95.

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