I feel so frustrated. He won’t do it. My partner is a prostate cancer survivor. I knew this before we started our relationship. He was so excited that he could perform with me! With his attraction and Cialis sex was good. I thought we can only improve from here. I desired more but was willing to work with the frequency. Fast forward two years, we live together! Sex didn’t increase. It declined. I found myself a little depressed about it. It only happens when I initiate and do all the work. He said it was the lost of job, his health etc. Well he is gainfully employed, relatively healthy and says that I’m sexy—but I get nothing. I said that I’m horny. He says he’ll hook me up tonight (why only sex at night? Another mystery) Well, that was four days ago. I’m ready to scream. It makes me feel ugly. Last night I gently suggested a sex schedule. He thought that was preposterous and laughed at the notion. I thought it been 4 days since he promised me sex. I gave him a hint earlier by having him rub my feet. He whined, completed the task and never touched anything else. He loves my shape but I’m feel like I’m a china doll. Look at it, dress it and place it on the shelf.

My question: I’m never ever imagined myself in this position. I’m in love, highly attracted to this man with hormones raging. I’m 51 he is 57 and I’m baffled quickly approaching angry! What do I do????

Kinda long…sorry! I can’t believe I am in the predicament ????


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