Hi, in my younger years, I had great sex but never came. Now I have loads of orgasms. Is this normal??


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Yes, it’s normal. For many young women, orgasm is not automatic. It often takes time for young women to get beyond sexual myths (“It’s dirty down there.”), anxieties (“I don’t want to be seen as a prude or a slut.”), and misinformation (it’s the clitoris, not the vagina) to relax enough to have orgasms. In addition, many (most?) young women believe that the men they’re involved with should orchestrate lovemaking, but young men are very often clueless about women’s bodies and pleasure. As a result, many young women have trouble with orgasm.

    But as women get a little older and become more familiar with their own sexuality and orgasms (often thanks to masturbation), and get past the myths, anxieties, and miseducation of their youth, and become more assertive about the kinds of caresses they need to feel erotically fulfilled, then they learn how to have orgasms, both solo and with lovers. Enjoy your orgasms!

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