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I am 18 years old but am already feeling the effects of premature ejaculation. I broke up with my girlfriend partly because she was unsatisfied with my performance. I believe it is attributed to both masturbation and pornography. But my question is, do you need a partner to complete your program, or can it be done on your own? Thanks so much!


  • Michael Castleman says:

    The program works best with a partner, but you CAN learn to last longer solo. In fact, men using the couple program begin the learning process by themselves, so solo work is a foundation of the program. I present the program in my article on https://sizzlingsexforlife.com/pages/the-cure-for-premature-ejaculation-book-pdf.

    You say you attribute your lack of ejaculatory control to masturbation and pornography. Unlikely. In fact, masturbation exercises are a key to the program for curing it. To learn more about masturbation’s effects, I urge you to read my article on solo sex.

    As for porn, it has little to do with ejaculatory timing, however, it seriously miseducates men about sex and how women experience erotic pleasure. Perhaps your girlfriend broke up with you because you were trying to imitate what you see in porn. Bad idea. Not only does the pornographic sex style turn off most women, it also increases men’s risk of premature ejaculation. For more, read how pornography teaches sex all wrong.

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