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My boyfriend and I haven’t been together very long. We had sex for the first time not too long ago and it brought up some ongoing issues he has with Premature Ejaculation (PE). He hasn’t been in a relationship in quite some time and he says that 95% of the time when this happens, it was when he had had a couple drinks. I’ve never encountered anything like this and was unsure of how to be supportive. I’m not sure what to say that will still uphold his manhood. In my eyes, I’m not bothered at all by this issue. I’ts still early and I realize we still need more time to be comfortable with each other. Maybe that was my first mistake. Nonetheless, if there are any words of wisdom you may have for me, i would greatly appreciate them. Thank-you!


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Your boyfriend is lucky to have such a supportive woman in his life. I bring you good news. His premature ejaculation CAN be cured. He can learn to last as long as he’d like, probably in just a few months, and you can help because the program, developed by sex therapists, involves the couple, not just the man. It’s 95% effective, so chances are very good that in a few months, this issue will be behind you, and that as a couple, you’ll feel closer because of it. You can learn all about the program by reading my article on curing premature ejaculation. And the program is enjoyable for BOTH of you. Check it out, and please keep me informed of your progress.

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