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My husband and I enjoy keeping our genital areas shaved, but the problem we continue to battle is razor stubble. How do we stay smooth shaven and keep from developing those itchy bumps?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Your complaint is echoed by many, many pubic shavers. Razor bumps are unsightly and uncomfortable. The bumps develop because razor shaving leaves the hair with a thick blunt end, instead of the fine tapered end of unshaved hair. As pubic hair regrows, those blunt ends irritate hair follicle walls, causing inflammation and bumps. To prevent razor bumps, experienced shavers recommend a product called TendSkin. It’s a moisturizer that helps hair regrow without snagging in the follicle. And it’s astringent so it helps reduce the size of razor bumps. For more on this, read the article on Pubic Shaving.

  • D says:

    I use a hair removal cream. Takes la while to work.. but NO BUMPS!!!!!

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