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I would like my wife to completely shave her pussy, but she
says she gets razor burn, and is afraid that she will cut herself. Are there other methods besides razors?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Some women can shave their vulvas with no problem, while others have very sensitive skin and find genital shaving uncomfortable, irritating, or painful. Fortunately, there are several ways to make pubic hair removal tolerable…even enjoyable.

    The people who know the most about this are porn actors. I’ve actually interviewed several for the article How Do Porn Stars Get So Smooth? Secrets of Pubic Hair Removal. They all shave. None use depilatories or waxing. Depilatories are usually harsh chemicals that cause discomfort on sensitive genital skin. Waxing works best for temporary hair removal, for example, shortly before you go on vacation. But waxing does not work well if you want your genitals hairless permanently because for waxing to work, it must grab onto at least a quarter-inch of hair. If the hair is gone or only stubble remains, there’s not enough for the wax to grab onto. So your wife should use a razor. The porn actors I interviewed all use disposable two- or three-blade razors, and discard them after a a few shaves.

    Hair is easiest to cut when wet. Have your wife take a hot bath beforehand. Next, she should start with a small, sharp cosmetic scissors to trim her pubic hair down to a short stubble. Then, she should spread on some shaving cream. It keeps stubble moist, which makes it easier to shave. Most shaving creams also contain lubricants and emollients that help razors slide over the skin more smoothly and comfortably. Finally, don’t you shave her. She should shave herself to minimize risk of cuts.

    Afterwards, another hot bath or a hot, damp washcloth, or some skin cream can soothe any irritation…but razor bumps and razor burn are still possible. Porn actors treat razor bumps and burn with a product called TendSkin. They swear by it. I suggest you buy some for your wife. It’s available at

  • rahul says:

    hi,just use hair remover of good quality.first u cut her hair.then use the remover cream

  • Selene says:

    Waxing gets very expensive depending on your rate of hair growth and it can cause allergic reactions. Lasers and creams can burn and dry out the skin and cause permanent discoloration. They can also be painful and may not work for some skin types. Shaving is the best, most convenient approach and you don’t have to bare your privates to a stranger. When shaving, if your hair appears to grow back faster or you get itchy rashes, you are using the wrong shaver or razor. Never wet shave as the water swells the cells of the skin and these ride up the shaft of the hair and conceal a good portion of it, so the blade cannot cut the lower part of the hair shaft. Then the water evaporates and the skin cells deflate and voila – you have what appears to be the illusion of “fast hair regrowth”. The worst skin rashes, itching and ingrown hairs are due to wet shaving too as you actually remove some of the epidermis along with the hairs. This may be okay for face shaving, where the skin is thicker but, not for “lower down” where the skin type is quite different and far more sensitive. My advice is to use an electric personal shaver and ALWAYS shave dry. The Bare It All shaver works for me and I have bought three of these online for my girlfriends, who had previously had terrible skin itch after shaving and also very painful ingrown hairs. Each shave cost around 2 cents and is faster, cheaper and less messy than wet shavers, waxing or laser or cremes and best of all it is PRIVATE.

  • oldrider says:

    My wife and I use baby oil, no shave creams or jells. Start out dry, jus plenty of oil, rinse the razor with hot water(let it cool before touching skin again)

  • Big Daddy says:

    Have her get laser hair removal. thats what my wife did and its fantastic.. I ended up doing it too. No more razors cutting or waxing in our house.. no chaffing either

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