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How do I get my lover to manscape? He thinks it’s gay. In the mean time I have to eat hair!!! Ugh!



  • Michael Castleman says:

    Genital shaving is not “gay.” Pubic hair trimming or removal has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Both straight and gay men trim or shave their pubic hair, just as both straight and gay men fall in love, kiss, cuddle, and enjoy fellatio.

    I hear that you don’t enjoy providing fellatio seasoned with his pubic hair. Seems to me you have the makings of a workable mutual accommodation here. You can say, “If you shave, I’ll provide more and more enthusiastic fellatio.” Most men love receiving oral, so the promise of some more may well motivate him to do as you wish.

    If he’d rather not shave completely, you might compromise by asking him to trim his hair short. That should keep what remains out of your mouth.

    And if you—or the two of you—want to learn more about pubic hair removal, read my article, How Do The Porn Stars Get So Smooth? Secrets of Pubic Hair Removal.

  • JoniA2Mi says:

    “The hair down there: How do you deal with it? Some guys tackle it head-on with egotistical nonchalance, while others deal with it privately in the corners of their own bathrooms. Regardless of the approach — and there should be an approach — trimming your pubes is a highly beneficial move. First of all, it reduces the cloudy bush that can minimize the appearance of your favorite appendage, and secondly it increases the sensuality and fluidity of make-out sessions with your lady.

    The decision is a no-brainer, really. Choosing the proper approach to removing pubic hair, however, isn’t always so simple. Several options exist, all with varying degrees of difficulty and all with their own set of pros and cons. The informed manscaper, who wants nothing more than an alluring pubic area, should be acquainted with all his options of pubic hair removal. That way, when the time comes for trimming back the bush, he’ll know the appropriate way to remove his pubic hair.

    Perhaps the most basic and judicious way involved in removing pubic hair and cutting away the shag hiding your junk is simply to trim it back. Two affordable options exist: scissors and electric trimmers. Scissors are acceptable when used by skilled hands, but an electric trimmer is highly recommended for removing pubic hair. Scissors, aside from being dangerous to wield around such a sensitive area, can result in an uneven, scraggly look that almost defeats the purpose unless you’re careful. Be smart, use a trimmer.

    •Affordable option(s) exist that can be purchased/stored without any embarrassment.
    •With a trimmer, you get a uniform, complementary length of pubic hair.
    •Maintenance is relatively easy.

    •Cleanup can be a mess since you need to trim your pubic hair while it’s dry.
    •With scissors, you can end up with a choppy-looking bush that’s comical instead of alluring.
    •Maintenance requires frequent upkeep and attention (every 12-14 days, depending).

    The razor is a very popular weapon of choice when removing pubic hair, and justifiably so. For most guys, this grooming technique is familiar and a good solution. When shaving away pubic hair, not only do you get a super-clean, hygienic look, but you also get to do it discretely in the shower, with tools already stocked in the medicine cabinet. Thus, it’s a well-rounded option for a lot of guys. Want a piece of advice for optimal results? Use a women’s razor halfway through a hot shower.

    •It’s a simple, familiar process that doesn’t take too long.
    •Leaves the skin around your penis and scrotum smooth and appealing to the touch.
    •It can be done in the shower, so there’s relatively little cleanup involved.

    •As you learned as a teenager: Once you start, you can’t stop.
    •It can leave skin irritations such as razor burns, rashes and ingrown hairs.
    •It requires continual upkeep (every two to three days) and can be itchy as it grows back.

    Many well-known brands now have a men’s depilatory entry on the hair-remover market, and many guys are taking stock in this technique for removing pubic hair. These creams, which dissolve hair so that it can be wiped away, are a mid-market option: They cost a bit more than trimmers or razors, but lessen the amount of time involved in upkeep. While they might be better for those areas around your goods, if you choose this option, be wise and test the product on the inside of your elbow first, then wait 48 hours to be sure your skin has no adverse reactions.

    •It’s pain-free (ideally), easy to use and affordable.
    •It lasts longer than shaving and isn’t as cumbersome or painful as waxing.
    •Hair grows back softer and less coarse than it does with shaving.

    •It’s harsh and abrasive to the skin, so you have to time them perfectly.
    •There’s a possibility you may have an allergic, itchy reaction to the cream.
    •Unpleasant smells can be a residual side-effect.”

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