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Please please answer my question because I am very angry and upset and I can’t find an answer in my city. I am male and when I was 14 years old I had anal sex using saliva for lubrication. I’ve heard that  98% of saliva is water, but that saliva also has DNA. If another person’s saliva enters my rectum, can I absorb the DNA of this other person? Can the DNA  of saliva get into my bloodstream from my rectum? Please answer me. Thanks.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Relax. The tiny amount of DNA carried by saliva into the anus and rectum is extremely unlikely to cause any harm.

    The salivary glands around the mouth secrete saliva, which, as you say, is almost entirely water. But as saliva sits in the mouth it picks up some cells that slough off the tongue and the lining of the mouth. Those cells contain DNA, so in that sense, saliva contains some DNA. If you lubricate anal play with saliva, some of that DNA may enter the anus. As far as I know, there’s no harm in this. Oral-anal contact (analingus) is a minority pleasure, but millions of people play that way and I’m unaware of any harm from saliva in the anus or rectum.

    It’s remotely possible that saliva might transmit an infection to the anus and/or rectum, but I’ve never heard of that. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, dies on contact with saliva, and I’m unaware of any other sexually transmitted infection being transmissible from saliva-anus contact. If anyone knows more about this, please post.

    For more on anal sex, read the article Anal Play—Without Pain.

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