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I lived in Brazil for a few years. Yes the women are as passionate as their reputations, the whole country is! A favorite move for many of them is to put a finger in a man’s rectum and give a prostate massage while having sex until he comes. I’ve never seen this recommended in any sex articles or books. It’s great and solves a lot of ejaculatory problems. What’s the big hang up?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re correct in saying that prostate massage is not widely recommended or discussed in the U.S. But some sexuality folks mention it, for example, yours truly. See my article on Anal Play Without Pain. It mentions anal fingering, which many men and women enjoy receiving. To touch the prostate, the finger has to get in there pretty deep, deeper than many men enjoy. However, as you mentioned, for those who like it, gentle prostate massage can feel very erotic and trigger intense orgasms. Anyone interested in trying this should consider an enema beforehand so the inserter doesn’t come in contact with anything except the prostate. Also, use lots of lube and insert slowly. Better yet, the inserter might hold the finger still, allowing the recipient can back onto it, which gives that person control of the speed and depth of insertion, and usually increases the recipient’s pleasure.

  • willdo says:

    Michael, congratulations on your open mind. I just ordered your book.

    Actually a condom over the finger solves the ick factor and premeditated butt cleansing. A vibrator really revs things up, so to speak, and can be used with a condom too, so every one can put on a fresh one and SWITCH without health and sanitary hazards or just get his and hers! I forgot this before.

    I love it when some guy claims he’d never do such a thing. The professional ladies in South America claim it’s one of the most asked for options among their Gringo clients!

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