Testosterone Replacement: New Male Vigor? Or Health Hazard?

What kind of oil should I use for fucking? How can I fuck her back side because it’s so tight?
How can I improve sex with my wife?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    To improve sex with your wife, I urge you to read a few articles in the Info Library: Orgasms During Intercourse – Improving Women’s Chances, Caressing Women: Advanced Erotic Tips for Men, Women Know Best: Men Should Heed Women’s Erotic Wisdom, and Whole-Body Massage: The “Language” of Great Sex.

    As far as oil is concerned, I suggest you read the article on lubricants, The Slippery Secret of Sensational Sex.

    And before you try anal sex, I really urge you to read the article Anal Play—Without Pain.

    All these articles and dozens more are available in the Info Library. You can purchase individual articles or save a lot of money by buying the complete set of 91.

  • trrebel says:

    Sex is one smallest words in the English language but it has the LARGEST meaning. Remember, the woman reaches mental menturity at 25 years old, while men not till they are 35 years of age. Women reach their sexual height at 39 to 45 while men reach theirs at 19 to 21. So you two should sit down and talk to each other about likes and dislikes with sex such as oral and anal. Remember, it’s religion that says sex is only for having children, but there are many other sexual games to play. Most men try to impose their own preferences because they think they are more sexual than women. Well, that is totally wrong. the average woman knows more about sex, and when fully aroused, can take on several men at once. After those men cum, she might still be looking for more partners. So the answer to your question is for you two to sit down and talk to each other. Remember, men and women are very different, but they both have common meeting grounds to discuss their differences. That’s companionship, so sit down and speak truthfully to each other and you will work it out.

  • Stilllearnat60 says:

    Just for the hell of it, have you asked your wife, “how can I improve sex with, and for, you?”.

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