Woman feeling lonely with husband in bed

How do I show my boyfriend that I’m totally into him? He’s so critical. He thinks I’m not attracted to him and we end up fighting while starting to get in the mood cuz I don’t touch him right or it’s this or that like I don’t blow him right. Please help I don’t want to lose him. How can I be slutty?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Lovers can NEVER read each other’s erotic minds. If he’d like you to provide specific caresses, exactly what he likes, he MUST tell you specifically what he wants and coach you to provide it. Likewise, you should tell him what you enjoy and coach him. He should not say things like, “Be slutty.” That’s way too vague. He should tell you very specifically what he wants. You’re free to grant his requests, negotiate something a little different, or refuse. That’s up to you. No one should ever feel pressured to be sexual in ways that offend them. But you both need to speak up and specifically declare the kinds of caresses you want and coach each other to provide them.

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