My name is Dr. Beth Fisher and I own Senior Medical Cannabis, an educational site for seniors who currently use or are interested in using medical Cannabis (where it’s legal). I am writing a blog post on Senior Sex: Cannabis vs. Pharmaceuticals. And YES, this is a serious question.

1) My seniors on Facebook (Senior Medical Cannabis) who usually are very vocal about many topics, are unusually silent on this topic. What is your take on this?

2) Any thoughts on my topic? I will inform them of the pharmaceuticals that lower libido, then discuss homeostasis when Cannabis is used, which typically results in a higher libido.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    As a matter of fact, I’ve done a pilot study on this very subject. In addition to publishing this site, I write a sexuality blog for (“All About Sex”), and a while back, I asked my readers to discuss their experiences with sex and marijuana. As you probably know, most drugs (legal and illicit) have clear, well documented effects on sexuality, but anecdotal reports of sex and weed are all over the map from “I love it and wouldn’t have sex without it,” to “I hate it and can’t stand sex with it.” Based on approximately 100 replies, I wrote the article “ Sex and Marijuana – Does Weed Enhance Sex or Destroy It?

    And since you raised the subject, in addition to my work as a sex educator/counselor, I also write a mystery series, and the fourth novel is called Killer Weed. It deals with the hippie Haight-Ashbury and 40 years of the marijuana business in America. Check it out at

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