Couple taking cannabis at home together

I like smoking pot before sex. Seems to improve things. But I wonder if there’s any danger?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    If you enjoy the combination of sex and marijuana, there’s no danger.

    As it happens, I’ve actually done some original research on this issue. I surveyed my blog readers asking about their experiences with sex and weed. I hasten to add that my survey is not scientifically rigorous. It’s just what a self-selected sample of my readers have said. Nonetheless, it provides some insight into your question. In my group, 67 percent said weed enhances sex. Twelve percent said it destroys sex. And 20 percent said the effect depends on their mood, their partner, and/or the strain of weed they use. Among those who enjoy sex and pot, the most typical comment was: I’d never have sex without it. Among those who said marijuana destroys sex, the most common comment was: I tried it, hated it, never again.

    I’ve also reviewed the medical literature and have found no reason to believe that marijuana impairs sexual function or enjoyment. So if you like the combination of sex and pot, enjoy it.

    Read more here.

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