Three pairs of sexy lingerie hanging on the line to dry

My 37-year-old boyfriend has been stealing my panties, bras, and booty shorts/ tank tops. WHY? He also has a better dildo collection than I have! WHY? And my facial foundation and lipstick. WHY? He is a former meth addict who is clean and has been for almost 2 years, when I discovered all of this and confronted him, I got two answers. 1. He likes the way the garments feel, 2. He’s only been doing this for a few years and the fantasies didn’t start until he went from regular porn to Ladyboy/TS porn. Hes not picky it could be a TS/Man TS/Female TS/TS. He said that in the beginning he would only want to wear women’s stuff when really high then that over time included sex toys but now its been a few years with out drugs and he still fascinated with my panties and solo anal. FYI: He is one of the cruelest LGTBQX bashers I’ve ever met.

He will not act out anything if I’m even with in a mile from the house. He only cross-dresses when I’m out of town or at work and won’t be home for hours. I used to be a professional DOM so I get some of it but some I don’t.. What I want to know is 1. How common is this? 2. What do men who are similar to my boyfriend say about doing these things? and 3. What are your thoughts from a mans perspective and from your prospective?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    As a former pro-DOM, I’m sure you understand that everyone is sexually unique and that a good deal of what turns people on can’t really be explained rationally.

    You ask how common it is for men to cross-dress. It’s a difficult subject to research. It’s stigmatized and many men who do feel embarrassed and don’t admit it. But the Gender Center ( estimates 2 to 5 percent of adult men. So it’s not common, but it’s also not rare.

    What do men say about it? Pretty much what your boyfriend says, that they like the feel of women’s undergarments on their skin. Some also say that it’s a secret form of rebellion against social norms. They know they’re wearing panties but no one else does … except for the women in their lives. BTW, filching panties from women lovers is fairly common.

    My thoughts: As cross-dressing and transexuality have become more openly discussed, we’re all learning that gender is more fluid than we used to think. Your bf is not hurting anyone. Cross-dressing is certainly less hazardous than using meth. The good news is that he feels comfortable discussing his little kink with you. That says he trusts you and is happy being intimate, i.e. revealing his inner self to you. The bad news is that you’re losing your underwear. I suggest that the two of you go bra/panty shopping together and that he pays to replenish your undergarment wardrobe.

    You also have to decide if you can live with his kink. You may be able to, or not. That’s up to you.

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