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I’ve never had any bad smell or taste before my total hysterectomy. I only have ovaries left. I was told I taste sweet. Now I smell like fish and sour taste at times. I’ve tried so many different probiotics and chlorophyl liquid to improve the smell and taste. Oral sex is extremely important to my husband and myself. I’ve been checked and have zero infections to cause these issues. What do you recommend I take? I’m desperate to be back to how I was before my hysterectomy. I appreciate your answer 🙏


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I must admit, this is a new question for me. I don’t know the answer. You might try going vegan for a week or so. Eliminating animal products often diminishes body odor and might help with your issue, but that’s a shot in the dark. My only other suggestion would be to consult a gynecologist who is also a sexual medicine specialist. You can probably find one through the Sexual Medicine Society of North America. I wish you sizzling—and sweet smelling—sex for life.

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