I am at 38 yrs old and my wife is 34 and obese. The problem is that during foreplay she gets wet enough but after penetration she gets dry. Consequently it becomes painful to carry on. So we depend on lubricant. With lubes she comes faster than usual! I tried to figure out the solution. Could this be due to my small manhood with thinner grith? Or does her bulky body prevents her from being wet for long time? She has enough sexual desire.
Please help.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Some women just don’t produce much natural vaginal lubrication. Your wife sounds like one of them. This is normal. There’s nothing wrong with her.

    There is no biological reason why her obesity would reduce her release of natural vaginal lubrication, and your penis size has absolutely nothing to do with it. It sounds to me like she just doesn’t produce much herself, which is totally normal.

    But it can be inconvenient. I’m glad you use lubricants. That’s what I’d suggest. And how nice that lubes help her come. I suspect there are two reasons for this: Lubes make genital tissue more sensitive to erotic touch, and with lube, she feel less discomfort from the dryness, so she can focus more fully on her sexual enjoyment.

    If lubricant is a routine part of your lovemaking, perhaps you’d like to learn more about them. If so, read The Slippery Secret to Sensational Sex.

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