I am a healthy 42-year-old woman free of all STD’s. After I bathe, the little bit of fluid from my vagina is clean-smelling. But when I get highly aroused, my vaginal fluid takes on a rather musky aroma. Is this normal? My doctor says everything checks out fine. Can you elaborate on this topic for me? I truly enjoy oral sex, and when I have tasted my husband’s fluid, his is less pungent. Are there any foods t can eat to make my genitals smell less musky? Thank you for your time and kindness in advance.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Believe your doctor. You’re perfectly normal. When not aroused, the healthy cervix and vagina produce natural fluids that keep the area clean. These fluids show up as the discharge you may see on underwear. But when sexually aroused, the vagina produces vaginal lubrication, which is intercellular fluid pushed through the vaginal wall by the fluid pressure of pelvic blood engorgement. Vaginal lubrication may have a musky aroma. Far from being a cause for concern, musk is a turn-on for many people, hence its use in perfumes.

    As for changing the aroma of your erotic juices, there’s a good deal of folkloric advice to men about changing the flavor of semen (avoid cigarettes, junk foods, coffee, and asparagus). But I’m unaware of similar advice directed at women. You might experiment with eating more fruit and drinking more fruit juices. Pineapple juice has a reputation for sweetening semen. It might do the same for you. Or you might try a commercial sex lubricant to mingle with or mask your own personal flavor. For more on lubricants, read the article on Lubricants.

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