confused couple

When not aiming to have kids & using condoms, I remove my penis from her vagina after ejaculating to avoid condom breakage. But what if she isn’t finished? How can she finish?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You may be surprised to hear this, but it’s true: Very few women have orgasms during intercourse. It doesn’t matter how large the erection or how long intercourse lasts. Very few women have orgasms that way.

    The reason is that women’s orgasm trigger is not the vagina, but rather the clitoris, which sits outside the vaginal opening, an inch or two above it beneath the top junction of the vaginal lips.

    Once you come and withdraw from her vagina, I urge you to caress her clitoris with your hand, your mouth, or a sex toy. Ask her to coach you about what she enjoys. No matter when you finish, she can have orgasms—IF you stimulate her clitoris the way she likes. Ask her.

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