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Michael, your excellent article, “The Last Word on The Length Of Men’s Erections” included this paragraph: “ Why is there such a pronounced orgasm gap? Largely because only a minority of men understand that most women need direct clitoral caresses to work up to orgasm. Many women don’t receive sufficient clitoral massage and cunnilingus to get there. Any size erection can bring great pleasure to the man it’s attached to.”

While this is helpful, my question is related to the minority of women who DO have orgasms from vaginal intercourse, alone. Have any studies regarding women’s preference of penis size discovered a difference in size preference between women who primarily need clitoral stimulation verses those who prefer and can orgasm from vaginal intercourse, alone? I can see how penis length wouldn’t matter as much if a woman primarily needs clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. But if a woman orgasms from vaginal intercourse, alone, and in fact prefers vaginal intercourse over clitoral stimulation, might there be a preference in penis size that differs from women who only need and prefer clitoral stimulation?

Many thanks for your insights.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I know of no studies that delve specifically into your question, but based on all the literature I’ve analyzed, here’s my best response to your question. Yes, some women can work up to orgasms solely from intercourse—either occasionally or reliably. But no matter the size of the erection, vaginal stretching resulting from differing penis size has less to do with that than clitoral stimulation. What stimulates the clit during intercourse? In the man-on-top position, it’s the man’s pubic bone, the bone at the base of the penis, rubbing against the women’s clitoris. If the man has a pubic bone that protrudes a bit more than average, and the woman has a clitoris that protrudes a bit more than average, then you have a combination that may well bring orgasms during intercourse. But that’s not very common, and it has nothing to do with penis size.

    Another possibility is a woman newly fallen madly in love. In that case, she’s primed for orgasm and may come with only moderate clitoral stimulation from her man’s pubic bone.

    Regarding women’s possible penis size preferences, sure, any woman might prefer a specific size, just as many men prefer women with a specific look or figure. And if women believe that a big one is a turn-on, then psychologically they may feel more responsive and be more likely to come. So size might matter to some women, but my point is that it matters considerably less than the cultural mythology about size would have us believe.

    I hope this helps. I wish you sizzling sex for life.

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