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The best, most cost-effective treatment for the large majority of PE sufferers is the sex therapy program developed during the 1960s by pioneering sex researchers William Masters, M.D., and Virginia Johnson, and refined since then by other sex researchers and therapists. This approach teaches more than 75 percent of men to last as long as they’d like, no matter if it’s 10 minutes or two hours.

Men’s nervous systems are more excitable than women’s. Why? Largely because of men’s higher blood levels of male sex hormones (testosterone in men, and similar “androgen” hormones in women). As a result, compared with women, men are physiologically primed to come faster.

In addition, emotional stress/worry/anxiety make the male nervous system even more excitable and prone to ejaculate quickly—including men’s anxieties about coming too quickly. The more men stress about PE, the faster they’re likely to come.

Finally, most men get much if not most of their sex education from pornography, which is fixated on the genitals—fellatio and intercourse. Mr. Happy loves to be fondled, sucked and inserted into erotic openings. But if erotic touch focuses only or largely on the penis, the little guy becomes over-stimulated and often comes quickly.

The key to curing Premature Ejaculation

The key to curing PE is for men to jettison penis-fixated, porn-style lovemaking and transition to a sexual style that provides plenty of erotic fireworks, while simultaneously reducing the male nervous system’s excitability. This involves several elements, including deep breathing during sex, and at least 20 minutes of leisurely, sensual, whole-body massage before any penis fondling or intercourse. Whole-body massage spreads erotic excitement around the entire body. This reduces nervous system excitability, which calms the ejaculatory reflex while also increasing erotic enjoyment.

The program works for men who are single or coupled. It causes no problematic side effects. And it enhances women’s sexual pleasure, not only because men last longer, but also because the program involves simple, easy sexual adjustments toward the lovemaking style most women prefer.

I’ve distilled the sex therapy program into a low-cost self-help e-booklet, “The Cure for Premature Ejaculation.”

You CAN learn bombproof ejaculatory control. You CAN last as long as you’d like. “The Cure for Premature Ejaculation” shows you how—or your money back.

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