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I’ve been working on your technique for curing PE, and have had success lasting as long as want—but only if I take things kind of slow. My wife starts to physically respond with great pleasure at a pretty vigorous pace of deep thrusting. Not pounding but she really likes deep long stroke at a good firm pace. Problem is after taking long time build up the pace of intercourse the moment she starts to really physically and vocally respond, I lose my control and ejaculate. I want nothing more than to give my wife all the pleasure I can but I feel like I am losing it and letting her down right at the point she is moving towards a climax. Any tips on how to maintain control when things really get going they way she likes?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I’m delighted that you’ve enjoyed some success at lasting longer. Way to go!

    Now about losing control as your wife approaches orgasm: Arousal is contagious. As she works up to high arousal, you do, too, and it pushes you over the edge. I suggest you anticipate this. As things heat up, redouble your efforts to breathe deeply. That’s very relaxing and helps maintain control. You might also try consciously relaxing your butt muscles. And in the man-on-top position, you might mix thrusting in and out with positioning your torso a bit higher over her chest so you thrust more up and down. That, too, may help your control. It may also help your wife because it presses your pubic bone, the bone above the base of your penis, into more contact with her clitoris, which helps some women come.

    If your wife has orgasms during intercourse in any position, she’s in a small minority of women. Most women need direct clitoral stimulation to come—extended hand jobs and/or oral sex, possibly with a vibrator. If she loves deep thrusting, great, provide it. In addition, you might provide generous oral sex. Many women find that marvelous, and a great way to come. If she comes when you do her orally, she enjoys great pleasure, and you’re not inside her so PE is not an issue.

    I hope this helps!

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