Woman holding a Pink Vibrator Dildo in Bed

My wife loves to have a vibrator in her ass but won’t let me to enter her there. I would love to try it with her. How do I convince her to allow this?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    The short answer is: You don’t. No one should ever feel pressured to engage in anything sexual that makes them feel uncomfortable. If she doesn’t want to try anal intercourse, you can’t “convince” her to go for it. You should respect her wishes.

    The longer answer is: It’s a little surprising that a woman who loves a vibrator anally would prohibit anal intercourse. Clearly she’s fine with one kind of anal play. I suggest that you defer your hopes of anal intercourse and instead try to generalize her anal pleasure in other ways. You might offer to massage her sphincter, or gently finger her, or try analingus. If she’s open to any of those options, play that way—with lots of lube. Count your blessings and don’t mention anal intercourse for six months to a year. Then if she’s clearly enjoying having more generalized anal fun, revisit the idea of well-lubricated intercourse. She just might say yes. But if she still says no, I urge you to respect that.

    For more on anal play, including hygiene issues, read the chapter, ‘Anal Play Without Pain” in my book, Sizzling Sex for Life.

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