Worried young man alone

Hello Sir. I am a 20-year-old male from India. I am suffering from anxiety about masturbation, penis size, and a bent penis. Some information says that masturbation is normal and my penis is normal. But then I also find other information that says differently. And I am suffering from ED and PE. Please tell me what I can do. How can I treatment my sex problems and anxiety????


  • Michael Castleman says:

    It’s perfectly normal to masturbate. Many men do it daily with no ill effects. Chances are that your penis is normal-size. Only a small percentage of men have penises that are significantly larger or smaller than normal. It’s also normal for the penis to bend to one side a little. Doctors only consider bent penis a problem if severe bending interferes with intercourse. The main cause of erection issues in young men is anxiety about sex. And premature ejaculation is a bad habit that’s almost always easily curable. Space limits here prevent me from going into greater detail, but my e-book discusses all your issues at considerable length. I suggest you purchase a copy.

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