When i was  turning 19, I  suffered a MASSIVE brain bleed (caused by an an arterial-venal malformation no one knew I had). I was put into a chemical coma for almost a month, was unconcious for six months, and spent more than a year in hospitals. the doctors said that IF I survived, I would be a vegetable. This is funny, because now, at age 23, I’m about to  start college, and hope to be  MANY college girls’ first mate in a wheelchair. My injury left me with a semi-paralyzed left side (and even though i’m left handed, i am typing with my right hand), loss of balance (no walking until i re-learn to walk), and other problems…


When I ‘woke up’ from the coma, I noticed taht my penis is now curved to the right AND at times the head pulses (not a throbbing feeling, I ACTUALLY SEE the head of my penis getting involuntarily bigger and smaller. Now I can imagine that this pulsing might enhance sex. How can I control it? And why/how did my penis become curved? It was perfectly straight before. ( I’m not complaining. I just want to know why?)

I’m taking gardasil injections to PROTECT ME from most warts and herpes, but I’m very afraid of HIV.  Any advice about preventing HIV besides wrapping my tool?

Plz DON’T think this is a joke. I’m actually being serious here, this took me some time to type…


  • Michael Castleman says:

    First, congratulations on your return to a near-normal life. Given your doctors’ doubts about your survival, you’re a medical miracle…but also a medical mystery.

    I’m not a neurologist. I assume you’ve consulted several, and I suggest you check my theory with them. You sustained a substantial neurological injury, a major stroke. It’s possible that some residual nerve damage has caused the muscles on the right side of your penis to spasm and remain contracted. That might explain your curvature. As for the head pulsing, I’m scratching my head (the one atop my neck). But chances are, residual neurological problems cause that as well. Can your penis be straightened? Can you learn to control your pulsing penis? I don’t know. But you’ve regained quite a bit of physical control, so maybe time will also return your penis to it’s pre-stroke state.

    In the meantime, here’s what I suggest: Consult a sex therapist and ask that person and the neurologist you like best to work together to see if they can come up with any suggestions for you. To find a sex therapist near you, visit the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, or the American Board of Sexology.

    You say you imagine your pulsing penis head might enhance sex. Maybe. I presume you’ve masturbated since returning to the world. Does a pulsing penis make it more enjoyable for you? Women might be able to feel a pulsing penis, but maybe not. And I hope you understand that while most women enjoy the special closeness and intimacy of intercourse, only 25 percent of women are reliably orgasmic from intercourse alone. The great majority need direct clitoral stimulation to have orgasms, and a pulsing penis wouldn’t add much to clitoral caresses. I suggest you read the article Orgasms During Intercourse – Improving Women’s Chances.

    About HIV protection: Use condoms every time until you’re monogamous with a woman you’re sure is HIV-negative.

    And please keep me informed of your progress!

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