Young couple hugging while lying in bed in the morning

Hello Michael, I’m wondering if there’s any advice you have for me. I’m a 28-year-old women dating at 33 year-old-man. He’s the kindest most partner-like boyfriend I have had. Except when it comes to sex. I want it at least once a week, because he’s so damn kind and attractive, my body wants him. But he could literally go forever without wanting me that way. Also, we both have yet to have orgasms with each other, so that makes me want to work on sex even more, work together to create and amazing sex life. Talking about it doesn’t really seem to help…unless I’m doing it wrong. What should I do?!!! He’s too too great to leave for something like that but it’s important to me and we keep fighting about it. I just want to know the best way to approach this.


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