older man, younger woman

Help! I’ve recently discovered a repressed sexual fantasy about my Dad!
It feels good but also confusing…

It started when I began started working in his office as an intern

He’s very high up and manages alot of people.

Alot of people answer to him and call him boss. I didn’t realize til recently how much power he had over so many people.

Seeing him in this environment has chnaged my perception of him, the way he commands authority over others and they respect, obey and even fear him.

I also see lots of attractive, well dressed female co-workers flirt with him, or try to, even hot young ones and he just takes it in his stride.
I guess lots of women are attracted to power and success. It makes me feel strangely jealous or threatened to see it but I don’t know why.

I’ve always had a boss fantasy and been turned on by guys in suits but recently my experience at his office has starting creeping into my fantasies.

I keep imagining myself, bent over the desk his office while he takes me from behind and dominates me, like a boss and calling me out for wearing my skirt too short around the office (which he hasn’t said yet but I know he’s thinking). I want him to call me Daddy’s girl and f*** me hard against the desk and I know it sounds depraved but I can’t help myself.

I keep touching myself and coming to this fantasy over and over and don’t know how to get it out of my head.

Is this normal? Is it ok to have such fantasies in private and masturbate to them?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re totally normal. Self-sexing to vivid fantasies is very popular among people of all ages. The most popular form of sex on Earth is masturbation, and fantasies make it more enjoyable.

    Assuming you can tell the difference between fantasy and reality, in fantasy everything is permitted and nothing is wrong. So go ahead, fantasize all you want about your father or other powerful men.

    But if you try to make that fantasy happen in real life, it may well shatter your family and land your father in prison. So best to keep this entirely in the realm of fantasy with you touching yourself instead of him touching you.

    You ask how you might transcend this fantasy. Have you ever read any romance fiction? In every romance a less powerful woman falls for a more powerful, very hunky man. Cue fantasies. Romances are immensely popular with women. In fact, they’re the number 1 top-selling category of fiction. Check out your local library.

    I wish you great fantasizing and solo sex.

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