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I am a straight male but find myself watching a lot of gay porn and having fantasies about it. I really want to experience preforming oral sex on another male until he cums in my mouth. Should I act on this or continue fantasizing?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    I believe in complete freedom of fantasy. Anyone is free to fantasize about anything. If you want to fantasize about performing fellatio on men, there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

    Should you act on it? That’s more complicated. Some fantasies allow us to identify things we really want. Other fantasies allow us to play in our minds with on actions we would never want. Plenty of men fantasize about being the hero, rescuing the damsel in distress from life-threatening peril—without the slightest wish to be caught in a fire on the 28th floor.

    How to tell the difference between fantasies we really want to come true and those that we don’t? It’s hard to know. But many fantasies are so vivid, so compelling that we think we really want them … until we get them and realize we’d rather not play that way.

    Only you can know if you really want to suck men off. If you really want that, I suggest you search things like gay blowjobs, gay fellatio, etc. and your location. It shouldn’t be too difficult to hook up with someone. If you do, I urge safe sex.

    For more about the strange power of sexual fantasies, read the chapter on them in my book Sizzling Sex for Life.

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