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I see you’re another sex expert who dismisses the reality of penis enlargement. Frankly, I don’t care whether you believe me or not, but I have been using a compression hanger (it’s called a BIB) to hang weights on my flaccid penis on & off for many years. My flaccid length when I first measured it, which was several years after I started was 3 1/2″. It is now 5 3/8″ My erect length which has been measured the same way started at 5 1/2″ and is now 7 1/8″. While hanging is not specifically intended to increase girth, my starting girth was 5 1/4″ and is now 5 15/16″ If I had been consistent, I know my results would have even been better ,but something, like a couple of moves or a death in the family, can happen and when you stop for a while, you can’t just go back to the amount of time you were hanging or to the weight. You have to slowly work back up and it’s only until I’m hanging ~17 +lbs in 20 minute sessions that add up to at least 10 hrs/week that I make any gains. I’m now in my 70s, am intimate with my gal several times/week and although there’s not multiple orgasms in a session anymore and my ejaculate volume is way down, my erect cock is hard as a rock and our lovemaking is wonderful. Now of course I eat clean, lift weights and indulge in numerous types of CV activities, none the less, this works.
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  • Michael Castleman says:

    I have serious doubts about your approach. If it worked, I’m confident there would be good studies demonstrating the benefits of hanging weights. But I know of none. Which makes me skeptical.

    And 17 pounds of weights hung from your penis in 20-minute sessions for 10 hours a week? What a hassle.

    And for what? Any size penis can give the man it’s attached to tremendous pleasure. Most men who seek enlargement are under the mistaken impression that a huge one delivers extra pleasure to women. But the best studies show that only about 10 percent of women wish their man was larger.

    A big one is NOT the key to women’s pleasure. It’s gentle, extended caressing of the clitoris, which is located outside of the vagina, an inch or so above it beneath the top junction of the outer vaginal lips.

    If you’ve made these huge size gains, more power to you. But the large majority of women think their man’s size is just fine, and if you want to please women, it’s all a about the clitoris, not having a phone pole in your pants.

    For a great deal more insight, check out my book, Sizzling Sex for Life.

  • zardoz29 says:

    Thank you Michael for your response. Let me address a couple of your points. I under took PE many years ago(mid 00s) not really believing it was possible. For the first 4-6 months there are what is called “newbie gains” Now while my flaccid looked longer, I hadn’t bothered measuring that but I kept track of my erect length and after less than a month, a definite 1/8″+ and after 6 months, a solid 1/2″ I was as the saying goes hooked. As I mentioned earlier, had I been more consistent, the gains would have been greater but there were whole years that I skipped.

    Now the time spent hanging. My occupation is such that I am able to perform many aspects of what I do, both standing and sitting, with the weights. So I’m not just sitting there watching the clock. Really, I agree, what a bore that would be.

    Finally I didn’t do this to wow my partners, I did it for me. Have I noticed my partners having more more explosive orgasms or more of them as I’ve increased the size of my cock? In all honesty, for some women a larger penis is a visual turn on. A 7″+ penis isn’t a monster by any means but it’s certainly larger than what I started with and the fact is, some women like it better.

    And it’s keeps getting longer. I’ve been consistent this year and and gained almost 3/16″ in length. It’s kinda a hobby. Plus in between sessions I’ll jelq for 5 minutes or so and that engorges my cock with blood with it seems, is a healthy exercise.

    Michael, I like sex, always and want to enjoy it as long as possible. What I’m doing is positive IMO.

    And my gal is happy.

    Take care

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