older woman with younger man

I had a sex with a woman who’s 45 years old. I’m 28. I pulled out my penis during the ejaculation but I’m afraid I left a little ejaculation in her vagina. I’m not very sure about that. She doesn’t take any oral contraception pills. I’m really afraid she could get pregnant. I want to know will she get pregnant at this age?! How early can she take a pregnancy test?! Oct 29th this happened. Its been 10 days….


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Could she be pregnant? Maybe.

    Sperm can leave the penis before you ejaculate, and you may have ejaculated some semen into her. So yes, it’s possible that she could get pregnant.

    On the other hand, at 45, she’s probably peri-menopausal, meaning that her menopausal changes have probably begun, including less frequent ovulation and less likelihood that a fertilized egg will implant in her uterus. That reduces her risk of pregnancy.

    My suggestions: Go to a pharmacy, buy Plan B, the over-the-counter morning-after pill, and urge her to use it. Ten days is stretching its effectiveness, but I’d start there.

    Then ask about her menstrual periods. Does she still have them? If not, then she’s sufficiently menopausal so that pregnancy is very unlikely. If she’s become menstrually irregular, she might get pregnant, but it’s not all that likely. But if she still has regular periods, then her pregnancy risk is higher. I suggest that you both visit a family planning clinic (Planned Parenthood or some other) and discuss your situation. Or visit her gynecologist.

    If she is pregnant, she could have an abortion. And in the future, I’d urge you to carry condoms and use them.

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