Naked couple in bed

So both my girlfriend and I are in University. I’m working on my law degree and she is in her 3rd year of her bachelor’s degree. She claims birth control makes her nauseated so we use condoms and the pullout method. On more than one occasion when we weren’t using condoms, I’ll tell her I’m about to cum and she will wrap her legs around me tight so I literally can’t pull out. This has happened like 5 times. I love her and she comes from a good family and we are compatible. But why would she do that? Both of us aren’t ready to have kids.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Risky sex can be very exciting. That may be why she tries to prevent your pulling out. But that’s just speculation on my part. To delve more deeply into her motivation, the two of you would have to consult a relationship therapist.

    Short of that, if birth control pills nauseate her, I urge you to (1) insist on using condoms every time, or (2) visit a family planning clinic and learn about IUDs and other possible methods.

    I wish you SAFE sizzling sex for life.

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