older woman with younger man

I am 29 and confused about marrying my 34-year-old girlfriend (not married previously). Women’s sexual life ends earlier than men’s and she is already 5 years older than me. Plz also tell me about the maximum upper age limit of having active sex for both male and female. I mean to what age she can sexually satisfy me. I worry that when I’m 55, she will not be able to be an active sex partner.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Yes, you are confused about several things.

    First, women’s sexual life does NOT end earlier than men’s. Women’s REPRODUCTIVE lives end with menopause around age 50, but their SEXUAL lives continue until the day they die. Menopause DOES NOT signal the end sexual interest or function. Erotic pleasure lasts a lifetime. When she’s 105 and you’re 100, you can still enjoy sex together.

    However, as people grow older, some adjustments become necessary to keep sex pleasurable. At menopause, she is likely to develop vaginal dryness, which can make intercourse uncomfortable. The solution: Use a sexual lubricant. Meanwhile, your erections are likely to falter by the time you’re 60. Even if you take erection medication, it’s quite possible that intercourse may become impossible for you. The solution: Older couples usually evolve their lovemaking away from penis-vagina intercourse toward mutual massage, oral sex, and use of sex toys. In other words, sex in later life can still be as pleasurable as ever, but you have to make a few adjustments. For more on this, read my article, You’re Never Too Old For Great Sex.

    Should you marry her? That’s for the two of you to decide. But your age difference has NO BEARING on the sexual pleasure you can enjoy or how long you can enjoy it.

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