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For the past  few years, I’m worried about my erection. I don’t get that hard and I come too quickly, within one minute of masturbating. And I don’t get morning erections, Could this  be due to excessive masturbation—2 to 3 times in week?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    How hard is “that hard”? You may not be as rock-hard as a porn actor—but they pop massive amounts of erection drugs. You fear that masturbating two or three times a week is causing your problem. Probably not. In my view, two or three times a week is not particularly excessive.

    So what’s causing your possibly-soft erections? I can’t say for sure, but your worrying may be a big contributor. Worry/stress/anxiety constricts the arteries, including the ones that carry blood into the penis. The more you worry about your erections, the more these arteries constrict, and less blood is available to produce erection. I urge you to relax about your situation. That opens the arteries and your erections should feel stronger.

    About your premature ejaculation. That’s usually easy to cure—and the program involves masturbation. I suggest you obtain my low-cost e-booklet, The Cure for Premature Ejaculation. It presents the sex therapy program for learning ejaculatory control. I bet you can learn good control in just a few weeks.

    An to help you relax about your erections, I suggest you read the low-cost erections articles in the About Men section of the Info Library.

    If my suggestions don’t provide the benefits you desire, then I’d suggest consulting a urologist just to make sure there’s nothing wrong down there. But I bet that won’t be necessary. Good luck.

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