I keep hearing about Tantric sex, how great it’s supposed to be, but what is it? What I read in Wikipedia is nothing like what friends have told me about it.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    “Tantric sex” or Tantra means different things to different people. Tantra began as an ancient Indian spiritual practice that eventually influenced Hinduism and Buddhism. My own reading of the historical sexual literature suggests that tantra sexuality originally fostered a union of souls through a combination of meditation and intercourse. This may be difficult for modern Americans to understand, but imagine intercourse with the woman on top, the man on his back, the woman kneeling over his hips, his penis inside her, the two of them staring deeply into each other’s eyes, and neither of them moving, just BEING together, joined in sexual union, and both meditating in an effort to become one with each other and the universe. That’s more or less what classic Tantric sex involved.

    The problem today is that there’s no consensus about what Tantric sex really is. You can attend workshops or visit Web sites devoted to it, and get very different views, from couple meditation without sex, to meditative sex, to more active sex, to other sexual variations, with the proponents often insisting that their interpretation is the REAL Tantric sexuality. The Tantric teachers I like best advocate a slow, spiritual, very sensual approach to lovemaking. That’s good advice whether or not you call it Tantra.

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