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After several years of being together, you get used to the same routine. I want something exciting to turn my man on. Not sure what. Any suggestions?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    You’re right. Over time, sex tends to become routine—unless lovers work to keep it new, fresh, and exciting. Here’s the biological reason this happens: When people first fall in love, levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain spike upward, and make us feel that we’re madly in love. But over time, usually a year or two, levels of those neurotransmitters fall, and things start to feel routine…or even boring. If you can boost your neurotransmitters again, then you can return to the excitement of falling in love. What boosts the neurotransmitters? Novelty. Anything new in the relationship, especially on the erotic side, helps turn lovers on. That’s why sex and relationship experts recommend injecting novelty into things: romantic weekends away, making love in a different place, in a different way, or anything that’s outside of your routines.

    If you’re novelty-challenged, then I urge you to play one or both of my two favorite erotic couple games, An Enchanting Evening and Wildly Sexy Dares. Both games are lots of fun and they’re guaranteed to get both of your juices flowing. Check out the articles on them.

    If you’re more interested in sexual experimentation, that is, new moves in bed, I suggest you read the article, “You Want to Try WHAT?” How To Introduce Sexual Experimentation.

    Finally, you might check out the articles on sex toys. Perhaps a vibrator (or a different one) might do the trick. Check out the article on the best vibrator. Or explore other toys by reading other articles in the Sex Toy section of the Info Library.

    Erotic possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Use your imagination and invite your man to make suggestions, too.

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