Is it okay to masturbate when you’re old? And why do younger guys like grannies?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Yes, it’s fine to masturbate at any age. There’s no expiration date on sexual pleasure, either partnered or solo. Enjoy yourself. For more, your might like to read my low-cost article on masturbation. All my articles come with a money-back guarantee, so no risk to you.

    Some young men feel attracted to older women and visa versa. There’s really no explaining romantic/erotic attraction. You never know who’s going to ring your bell. Typically women go for men who are a little older, but in plenty of relationships the woman is older, and sometimes considerably older. I know a couple who’ve been together 20+ years and the woman is 20 years older than the man. Sometimes such relationships—cougar/cub—work out just fine.

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