I have read that the vagina contains folded layers of muscle that has great flexibility to accommodate penises and children entering the world, and that child delivery does not alter its size.

I have a penis of average thickness and shorter than average circumcised length. After being married for ten years and sex life of a few times per week my wife went cold on sex. It went to once a month. Previously, my suddenly less-than-enthusiastic wife had always claimed and appeared to be satisfied,. I don’t understand why. I believe in lots of foreplay. Satisfying her has always been my priority.

I found her vagina when we did have sex to be very different, from my feel with my fingers to my penis, her vagina would be wet like normal but very loose, my penis flopped around in her vagina very different to the past This went on for around 6 to 8 months, I had asked her was she masturbating with something, with an open mind, no. Are you having sex with someone else, no. After 12 months her vagina started to go back to its old self, she had also moved offices a couple of months earlier also. My suspicions only grew more, she would not admit to an affair however she slipped and said where her boss lived when we drove through a suburb, street were he lived—35 klm from their office. While at a colleague of theirs 50 birthday party, I was advised of what had been office gossip of their behavior and that HE was known for office flings and was nick named Donkey because he was hung like one.

She has never admitted to it, but does get the shits if anything is spoken about the situation. Years down the track, her vagina has never been like it again except after our son was born, it took less than a couple of months and it was back to normal also.

My point is that a vagina does change in tension if it is constantly being used with some much larger than it is familiar with in the past.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Thank you for your observations. After sex, the vagina usually returns to its resting state with its muscle tissue folded tightly. However, it may become loose from aging (Kegal exercises help), or multiple births in fairly rapid succession. If women have multiple partners in rapid succession (for example at orgies), the vagina may stay loose for a bit longer than usual. As for the impact of affairs, I don’t know. I would expect most women to return to baseline fairly quickly. But I’ve also heard several stories like yours. I wish sex researchers would investigate this.

    • Darren says:

      I have an excellent relationship with my wife’s oldest sister, my sister in law. She is a mother of two and has been single for 10 years and does not have a partner or sex for the same time.
      We have discussed this issue many times, she claims that when she was single she played the field and as a barmaid got to know all the boys and had many partners as long as they met the big dick criteria.
      Her opinion was simple her vagina would have to accomodate some very long or thick visitors, she would often be sore for days after these sessions.
      Her opinion on this subject was based on her own experience she said her vagina definitely had its tension altered. She could feel it her self when she master-bated.
      The large penises over time has left her with what she calls a loose fanny, her two children were born in minutes after she felt contractions the first was born on the bathroom floor, she claims that the babies had both crown very easily that her vagina simply open. She went to hospital after the births had normal checkups. She never needed any stitches or treatment for her vagina other than normal discharge post birth. She added that one mid wife had said to her she was lucky to have a very accommodating vagina, she said that her vagina didn’t ever feel different than it normally felt. She did openly admit that she feels years of big penises have ruined her vagina for having sex with average size men and agreed that she believes my wife is hiding the truth and did have sex with a big one, but had never confided with her at any stage probably because we have a great relationship. What do you think with those thoughts from a womens prospective. Darren

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