My vagina is horribly loose and I need some advice.


  • Michael Castleman says:

    The brevity of your question hasn’t given me much to go on. How old are you? Vaginal looseness is often age-related. As women get older, the muscles in the vaginal wall and around the vagina lose tone, which women experience as looseness.

    Here’s a quick fix for vaginal looseness: Have intercourse in the man-on-top position. Once the man inserts, he lifts himself up and you close your legs. Your thighs squeeze the penis and make you feel tighter.

    The approach most often recommended by sex therapists is Kegel exercises. Kegels (named for the doctor who popularized them) involves contracting the muscles used to interrupt urine flow or squeeze out the last few drops. Kegels are totally private and can be practiced anytime anywhere. Start slowly and over several weeks, work up to a half-dozen sets of 10 contractions several times a day. In a few months, you should feel tighter.

    For more on vaginal looseness, read my article, The Plain Truth About “Tight” and “Loose” Vaginas.

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