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I suspect my girlfriend of 5 years might be cheating on me. I came home one night and we had intercourse and my penis slipped in with ease. Usually it takes a minute or two of intercourse before her vagina loosens up but this time in went right in. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. She has 3 kids from her previous relationship. So my question is can the vagina loosen without any physical penetration?


  • Michael Castleman says:

    Can the vagina loosen without penetration? Yes.

    Is your girlfriend cheating? From the evidence you present, it’s impossible to say. Yes, the vagina loosens a bit during extended foreplay and intercourse, but a loose vagina, per se, does not prove that the woman it’s attached to has had recent sex. Here are other activities that might cause what you observed: recent masturbation, recent erotic fantasies from reading romance novels or watching romantic movies, recent conversations with girlfriends who described their own hot-and-heavy sex, or recent ovulation—when women release eggs, their vaginal muscles relax a bit in evolutionary anticipation of impregnation. So looseness can have many causes other than what you fear.

    A better test would be her recent phone calls, text messages, and emails. Ask her if she’s stepping out on you, and if she says no, ask if you can scan her recent communications. If she refuses, that doesn’t prove she’s cheating, just as refusals to take drugs test don’t prove drug use. But her refusal would certainly be suggestive. Bottom line: Her phone can probably tell you more than her vagina.

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